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The Massage and manual Therapy Institute’s purpose is to provide resources for both new and advanced massage and manual therapists who desire to practice at a higher level.

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Learning Center

Dedicated support forum, FAQs & help when you need it. Note: This will link outside of the demo.

Learning Center


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Certification Program

Find out about our Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy and Medical Massage Therapy certification programs.
Certification Programs

Listen to a few of our Sample Podcasts Here!

We offer an extensive collection of free podcasts (audio recordings) as well as premium (paid) podcasts. that contain more information and links to resources not found with the free podcasts.

#01 – Transverse friction massage cures tendonitis”]In this episode we discuss the article entitled “Transverse friction massage cures tendonitis.”

In this podcast, we explore all issues related to the practice of myofascial trigger point therapy.

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Inside the Learning Center, you can access…

Academy Training Courses

Lab members will have full access to the Academy course library, covering everything from finding your niche, building your email list, building a membership site, increasing your productivity, and more. These are the “best practices” so you can build that solid foundation that real monetization depends on.

ALL Action Plans

An Academy Action Plan is a checklist-style mini-course. Unlike the full Academy courses, an Action Plan lasers in on a specific system or tactic and gives you just the parts you need in order to immediately implement it into your business. Essentially, it is a step-by-step system.

Book Discussion Groups

Join us as we delve deeply into one of Dr Gene’s highly recommended books. We will deepen our knowledge as we read these book together. At a pace of one chapter each week, you will have an opportunity to ask (and answer) questions in a forum dedicated to each book that we read.  This is an opportunity to dig much deeper into each book and have all your questions answered. Particular attention will be paid to how this information can enhance your clinical skills.

Lab Member Community

This is literally the lifeblood of the Monetization Lab, where members are asking questions, seeking feedback, and helping each other… literally 24/7. You’ll have quick access to me and every other Lab member. Get the support you need – anytime.

VIP Content Upgrades

Complementary training videos, mind maps, checklists and tools which accompany even the free content here at the Academy – but it’ll be blocked for everybody else. As a Lab member, you’ll have VIP access to these additional bonuses. Even our regular blog content will provide members-only benefits.

Progress Tracking (And Coaching)

Even though the Lab is “coaching at scale”, I take delivery quite seriously. Which is why all Lab members have their own progress log where you can track your progress, your wins, and keep track of basic metrics. And, I keep an eye on it and will chime in with advice individual to you to keep you on track.

Some of Our Courses

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